Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of frequent questions and the best answers I can give.

Why do I need Vortex for this?

You don't! This extension is specifically for people already using Vortex to manage your mods who want an easier way to share their mod setups. If you're currently using the Modwatch Uploader, you can continue to do so if you want!

Doesn't Modwatch have an uploader?

Yes, and you can use that if you like! However, it doesn't have support for Vortex so your modlists will only include plugins, and only if you mess around with which folder you point it to. Using Modwatch for Vortex lets you upload your modlist directly from Vortex with a minimum of hassle.

What games can I use this with?

Currently, the extension will only create reports for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4.

What's included in the mod list?

The modlists we upload will include two things: a list of all the enabled (and/or native) plugin files for the current game, and the names of every enabled mod in the current profile. You can also use the normal Showcase extension to create a modlist using only certain mods!

Why does Vortex say I need to install another extension?

Because pulling this stuff is surprisingly hard, Modwatch for Vortex is actually an extension of another Vortex extension: Vortex Showcase. Vortex will automatically prompt you to install Showcase if you don't have it, but this extension uses Showcase to handle the high-level stuff of building the modlist.

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