A basic introduction to Modwatch for Vortex

Modwatch for Vortex is an unofficial extension for the Vortex mod manager that adds support for building and uploading modlists based on your installed mods. This will allow you to upload modlists to directly from Vortex. To clarify, this project is not affiliated in any way with Nexus Mods or anyone else, and is an open-source community resource.

Status and Limitations

Modwatch for Vortex is still alpha-quality software! While I can test locally, I won't be able to cover every case and there is a high potential for bugs that haven't been found yet. Equally, this project is still in its infancy so there will likely be quite a few changes to how we do things.

That said the core functionality of generating and uploading modlists should be working and can be used to immediately create and publish your modlist to Modwatch.

If you're really missing specific features you can open an issue and we can discuss the viability, or find me on the Nexus Mods Discord.

Vortex Showcase

Because pulling this stuff is surprisingly hard, Modwatch for Vortex is actually an extension of another Vortex extension: Vortex Showcase. Vortex will automatically prompt you to install Showcase if you don't have it, but this extension uses Showcase to handle the high-level stuff of building the modlist.


To be clear about this: this extension (just like Showcase) is not intended as a backup solution, or anything else like that. We cover this in the FAQ, but this is simply a way of publishing your modlists from within Vortex.

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